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Tea Tree Oil at gorgeousshop.com which stocks Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil

Intimate shave

Products for preventing red spots, razor burn and ingrown hairs caused by intimate shaving

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Body Care

Just the right products if you are suffering with dry and itchy skin or if you are struggling with pimples on your back, shoulders or anywhere else on your body.

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Face Care

Congested skin and pimples occur on your face when the sebaceous glands stop working properly. The glands start to overproduce sebum and bacteria can penetrate the skin increasing the risk of inflammation and pimples.

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Intimate care

Do you want an end your intimate problems? We have made it easy for you, all three of our customers' favorites for intimate care in one pack

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Men's shave

It is time to enjoy a smooth, comfortable shave with Australian Bodycare’s shaving products for men, enriched with natural Tea Tree Oil. For a comfortably and supremely close shave, discover our Shaving range which provides you with everything you need to get the perfect shaving with no red spots, ingrown hair, and inflamed skin.

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Scalp Care

An itchy scalp may be down to several reasons. It is often caused by irritation from a dry scalp or dandruff. We have made it easy for you and put all 3 products together in one kit, so that it is easy to get started fighting dandruff or dry scalp.

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Hair Loss

There may be several reasons why you be losing hair or experiencing a thinning of the hair strands. Australian Bodycare products contain natural active ingredients which are ideal for anyone experiencing hair loss or a receding hairline.

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15 Minute Anti Lice Treatment, Head Lice Prevention Spray & Shampoo for the whole family from Australian Bodycare

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You may be looking for a premium quality 100% pure Tea Tree Oil, a skin or hair solution that contains Tea Tree Oil or a cosmetic based on Tea Tree Oil. Goreousshop.com is a great place to start. Gorgeousshop.com has the full range of Australian Bodycare Tea tree Oil based products including 100% pure natural, Australian Tea Tree Oil available on their site. Including the two sizes of Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare; 10ml and 30ml which are available at Gorgeousshop.com.

Gorgeousshop.com is one of the UK’s leading online beauty retailers and have over 100 brands available on their sire gorgeousshop.com. This includes Tea Tree Oil and Tea Tree Oil based cosmetics and Tea Tree Oil hair and scalp products including those from Australian Bodycare. Gorgeousshop.com is based in the UK and works closely with their brand partners. Gorgeousshop.com was established in 2007 and is a great source of the latest news on what is happening in skin care, hair care and beauty. Gorgeousshop.com is a great site to visit for beauty, hair and scalp care and beauty, including Tea Tree Oil based products including Australian Bodycare’s 100% pure natural sustainably produced Australian Tea Tree Oil which is available at gorgeousshop.com.

Australian Bodycare products all utilise 100% pure, natural Australian Tea Tree Oil. Australian Bodycare produces not only 100% pure oil but also 45 other skin care products that combine the beneficial properties of pure Tea Tree Oil with natural active ingredients.

100% pure natural, pharmaceutical grade Tea Tree Oil is the most effective of these natural ingredients, and the hero in all of our products. This oil is produced from sustainably grown trees in the heart of the ‘healing ground’ in Australia – the natural home of the tea tree. Australian Bodycare products are available online in the United Kingdom, simply click on the logo of your choice to see whether the product you are looking for is available there.

Something that is really worth knowing before buying tea tree oil and tea tree oil products is that there are indeed significant differences in the composition of the active ingredients in tea tree oil, such as terpinen-4-ol and cineole which are both highly beneficial. In fact, the higher the quality of the tea tree oil means that not only will the concentration of beneficial elements be higher but also there will be much less of some of the harsher elements. Australian Bodycare Tea Tree Oil being of the highest quality has all the benefits and gives it a wonderful texture and smell.

When buying cosmetic products with tea tree oil, you should ensure that the tea tree oil they contain meet certain criteria. First, the tea tree oil should come from Australia, this is the natural home of the tea tree and as such the place where the trees produce the best oil. It is also important that the Australian tea tree oil is pharmaceutical grade, approved for cosmetics, and allowed to be applied to the skin. Most tea tree oils on the market are only suitable as fragrance oils for, for example, aromatherapy. Australian Bodycare's tea tree oil is of the highest pharmaceutical quality and is a standardised, ultra-pure, high-quality oil.

Tea tree oil as a natural remedy is nothing new. It is said that the Aboriginal people of Australia have traditionally used the leaves of tea trees for medicinal purposes for thousands of years. Legends of the Bundjalung tribe describe, a "magical lake" surrounded by tea trees where the leaves and twigs fall into the water, turning the water into antiseptic baths. These were used to treat a range of ailments including skin infections, burns, cuts, and insect bites. This area of lakes and trees is called the ‘healing ground’ and it is the home of Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare.

High quality Tea Tree Oil such as that that comes from Australian Bodycare can be used for many different things, its antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties make it perfect for cleaning around the house, first aid for minor cuts and abrasions, Add a few drops to your shampoo for a deep cleansing, add to your bath after a hard day to gently relax and cleanse the skin. It can be used for athletes foot, fungal nail problems, foot care, dandruff and other scalp problems such as spots, itching and dryness, spots and pimples, deep cleansing for the face and body. Australian Bodycare not only uses its 30 years experience to provide pharmaceutical grade 100% pure natural Australian Tea Tree Oil but also a whole range of products designed to provide naturally inspired solutions to all sorts of skin and hair problems with our range of Tea Tree Oil based products for the whole body and whole family.