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Looking for a good and effective hand wash? And do you need help getting your dry hands back to normal? Is the skin on your hands so dry that it cracks and painful?

Here we offer some advice on which products to choose to help treat dry, rough and chapped skin on your hands.

Read by Anne Thestrup Meimbresse

Anne, Varde Pharmacy
Anne has a MSc in Pharmacy from the University of Southern Denmark and has worked as a pharmacist at the Varde pharmacy for several years. Here she advises both costumers and doctors about the correct use of medical products.

Dry skin on your hands?

If you have dry and cracked skin on your hands, it is often accompanied by redness, itching and irritation. It is unpleasant, but with the right care, you can get healthy, moisturised and supple hands back.

Whether the dry, rough and chapped skin is due to frequent hand washing and sanitising, the cold winter months or something else, there is help available. We'll advise you on which hand wash and cream to choose for dry hands and fingers. 

3 products for dry hands

1) Hand Wash - hand soap for frequent hand washing

It is important to use a hand soap every time you wash your hands. Liquid hand soap from Australian Bodycare contains Tea Tree Oil that counteracts bacteria. So you can be confident that you are washing away both bacteria and dirt every time you wash your hands.

It is especially important to remove unwanted bacteria particularly if your skin is so dry that it cracks and cracks. By using the hand wash you the bacteria are not able to build up in the cracks and prevent the cracks from healing.  

2) Hand Cream

If you have dry skin on your hands, you should take extra care of them after hand washing. You can  prevent dry hands by using a good hand cream after hand washing and in between during the day.

Water and soap can dry out the skin. Frequent hand washing and hand alcohol sanitisers are some of the major culprits that cause dry hands and fingers. 

The active ingredient, Shea Butter in our Hand Cream adds moisture and softens the skin to keep your skin moisturised and supple for a long time.

3) Body Cream

If your skin is very dry and needs extra help, you can use Body Cream from Australian Bodycare. The cream is wonderful for very dry, cracked, rough and damaged skin on the body and hands.

The other major active ingredient, Tea Tree Oil counteracts bacteria on the skin, which is particularly important if your skin is so dry that it cracks. The bacteria can get into the cracks and can prevent the crack from closing up. Witch hazel closes the pores in the skin so that it does not dry out any further, while the ingredient Allantoin relieves and soothes irritation and damaged skin.

2 products

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Why you should take care of your skin with Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare

Tea tree leaf


The secret behind smooth skin is found in the beautiful, exotic flora of Australia and has been known to the aboriginals through generations: Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is a 100% natural and pure oil extracted from the leaves of the Australian tree, Melaleuca Alternifolia. Our products only contains the high Pharmaceutical grade of Tea Tree Oil from Australia.

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Tea Tree Oil effectively heals, cleanses and protects your skin and hair. Natural Tea Tree Oil is known for its powerful antibacterial and antifungal properties. Tea Tree Oil restores the natural bacterial flora of the skin and prevents bacteria. Australian Bodycare products contain Pure Tea Tree Oil in different concentrations depending on the product use.

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Used on a daily basis, the Tea Tree Oil treats various skin problems while keeping the skin healthy. Tea Tree Oil inhibits growth of unwanted bacteria and fungus. We develop all of our own products using top‑shelf ingredients and our products are dermatologically tested and have a powerful effect with no compromise made to the safety of the skin.

The secret behind smooth skin is found in the beautiful nature of Australia. For generations, the knowledge and usage of tea tree oil have been passed down in Aboriginal culture. Australian Bodycare has developed a series of products with the highest grade of Tea Tree Oil functioning as the primary active ingredient. All products share the ability to prevent and heal various skin issues.Due to the mild formulas, the products are dermatologically tested and suitable for all members of the family. We develop all of our own products using top‑shelf ingredients. They have been selected for their powerful effect with no compromise made to the safety of your skin. Our goal is to help people to healthier skin. For that reason, we are constantly working on providing you with good advice for your daily skin care routines. Welcome. We look forward to assisting you.
The story of healing tea trees dates back thousands of years and it originates from the Aboriginal people of Australia. Their legends describe lakes surrounded by tea trees. Falling leaves and twigs from the tea trees leached their essential oils into the water and turned the lakes into antiseptic baths. The local Aborigines used these natural, healing spas to treat a number of conditions, such as skin infection, burns, cuts and insect bites. The healing benefits of tea trees were not officially registred until 1923. However, the local Aboriginal tribe, Bundjalung, had long understood the protective and healing powers of tea trees and used their crushed leaves to treat various wounds and skin infections. They named the land with tea trees “Healing Ground”.