Dermatologically tested

The products of Australian Bodycare are all rigorously tested by independent dermatologists, and we ensure they are mild and gentle on the skin—even the most sensitive skin.

By having our products dermatologically tested by an independent analysis institute, in accordance with the EU-approved Cosmetics Europe standard, we produce and sell products of only the highest quality.

With a range of dermatologically tested skin care solutions, you are guaranteed to find a product for all types of skin. And all proved as skin-friendly.

In one recent test of side effects, a third-party institute studied whether the skin reacted as expected or not to the application of our products. 50 volunteers participated in the experiment: Some with normal healthy skin and some with atypical, sensitive skin. No negative side effects were found with any of the test subjects.

While we are not able to fully exclude the possibility of rare skin reactions, since sensitive skin comes in many different versions and sizes, such cases have yet to be found.

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