We Care About Nature

We have partnered with Cool Earth in the conservation of 241,000 hectares of rainforest, protected by 31,000 people.

Peru Rainforest Poeple Planning How to help save the rainforest

Cool Earth


Cool Earth has made it their mission to protect the rainforest and back the people living there.

We have partnered with Cool Earth who supports the indigenous people and local communities of the rainforest with project funding to conserve and protect the rainforest and climate.

Learn more about Cool Earth and their mission here.


Cool Earth


We are supporting Cool Earth's work, funding projects to protect our biggest and most natural carbon-storing technology; the rainforest.

By supporting Cool Earth, we are supporting locally-led organisations to back land and resources rights, women’s rights, forest fires, knowledge, food security and more.

We are supporting Cool Earth to raise awareness for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities, who care for over 25% of Earth's land and preserve 80% of biodiversity, yet receive less than 1% of climate funding.

Cool Earth Fundraising and partnership

Cool Earth


It lies deep within our DNA to care for and protect the nature.

The Tea Tree Oil – which is the primary active ingredient in our problem-solving skin care – is a 100% natural oil found in Australia’s beautiful nature. It is therefore important to us to take good care of it.

The story of the Tea Tree Oil dates back thousands of years, and the oil’s incomparable benefits for the skin was first discovered by the Aborigines.

The legend describes lakes surrounded by tea trees, where leaves and twigs leached the essential oil into the water, turning the lakes into large antiseptic baths. The Aborigines bathed in the lakes and discovered how the oil soothed and healed their skin problems. The Aborigines named the land with tea trees “Healing Ground”.