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What is Aloe Vera?

Like the rest of the world, you've probably come across Aloe Vera in some other context. Aloe Vera is an extremely popular succulent plant with long, rosette-like, serrated stems that is notorious for its unique abilities in the skincare industry, with manufacturers all over the world swearing by the fleshy plant.

Aloe Vera leaves contain a gel that has a healing effect on skin damage such as cuts, burns, pimples and the like. With a high content of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and amino acids, it boosts the skin's ability to heal. At the same time, it inhibits skin ageing - which is why many cosmetics brands include it as a regular ingredient in various anti-ageing ranges.

Why Aloe Vera is great for weightloss purposes

Aloe vera is primarily known for its ability to heal burns and moisturise the skin, but the special Aloe vera plant doesn't just benefit your external health, it benefits your internal health just as much.

It's not scientifically proven that aloe vera has all the effects listed below, but it doesn't hurt to try.

With Aloe Vera, you can get a completely natural product that promotes rapid weight loss. This is because Aloe Vera has the following benefits in the context of weight loss:

  • Aloe Vera effectively cleanses the body of toxins and waste products.
  • Aloe Vera promotes the functioning of the gastrointestinal system and prevents digestive problems.
  • Aloe Vera stabilises blood sugar levels.

Wave goodbye to toxic and harmful substances

When you drink Aloe Vera gel, you give your body a deep cleanse of all the toxins and waste products that block your body's health. Aloe Vera has a unique ability to absorb the harmful substances along the way, so you get rid of them. At the same time, it stimulates the whole body's cleansing mechanisms, including the bile ducts, lungs and kidneys - giving you a fresh and light feeling in your body. And it's also reflected in your weight.

When you cleanse, you also lose a few kilos. An Aloe Vera cure is therefore a good way to kick-start weight loss, but only works in conjunction with a healthy weight loss diet. There is therefore no point in filling your body with unhealthy fat.

Avoid constipation and diarrhoea

With Aloe Vera you get nature's own laxative. The silky texture of the gel lubricates your intestines from the inside, helping the intestinal system to function properly. It promotes digestion, so you have regular bowel movements without loose or sluggish bowels. A healthy gut is also key to healthy weight loss. This maintains the natural balance of your body and gut flora, giving you a healthy base for lasting weight loss.

As well as promoting digestion, Aloe Vera can also improve your metabolism and the production of fatty acids. With an increased metabolism, you burn fat faster, so your body fat percentage is reduced.

Ensure healthy blood sugar levels

Unstable blood sugar levels are not good for weight loss. Unstable blood sugar makes you crave sweets, white bread and other carbohydrates that are not conducive to weight loss. In the wake of unstable blood sugar, unstable mood also follows, which can make it easier for you to fall into the sweet tooth trap. Keeping your blood sugar at a stable level throughout the day is therefore an important factor in a sustainable diet. A drink with Aloe Vera can help you do just that.

According to studies, Aloe Vera helps to keep blood sugar levels stable, so there are no big spikes in both blood sugar and mood. This makes it easier to keep your hands off the biscuit tin. However, you should remember that Aloe Vera alone cannot keep your blood sugar levels stable if you fill up on 'empty calories'. It can only help you on your way.

Shed pounds with Aloe Vera juice

An Aloe Vera diet is therefore a great way to shed those extra pounds that can jeopardise your health and appearance. However, as mentioned above, it is only a supplement to a healthy, nutritious diet and cannot be used on its own. Eat plenty of vegetables and avoid white bread, pasta and sugar.

If you want to go on an Aloe Vera diet, Aloe Vera juice is a good way to supplement your weight loss. The juice gives you a deliciously flavoursome Aloe Vera drink, while you absorb the plant's properties in an optimal way.

Healthy juice recipes for weightloss

If you have an Aloe Vera plant in your home, you can make the juice from scratch. If not, you can buy ready-made gels. The advantage of bottling the gel directly from the plant is that you get a 100% natural Aloe Vera content.

Refreshing lime

If you like a simple and slightly acidic flavour, this simple Aloe Vera juice is just the thing for you. Pour water into a saucepan and squeeze a good squeeze of lime juice into the water. Mix 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel into the water and stir well in the hot water. Drink the juice hot and top with a dollop of acacia honey to counteract the tart flavour of the lime. The juice is a great way to kick-start the day.

Boost from berries

Both strawberries and blueberries are packed with antioxidants that fight inflammation. They are also packed with soluble fibre, which promotes good digestion and healthy weight loss. Blend a handful of strawberries and blueberries with 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel and 1-2 decilitres of water, depending on how thin you want your juice. Blend in a blender or juicer until it becomes a smooth drink.

Sweet notes of fruit

-Do you love sweet fruits? Then why not mix an Aloe Vera juice packed with sweet fruit flavours? Mix pineapple with papaya or mango for a truly exotic juice. Add 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel with 1-2 decilitres of water and blend or juice until you have a smooth consistency. The juice is great as an afternoon or evening drink when you have a sweet tooth.

Green juice

If you don't get enough vegetables, an Aloe Vera vegetable juice can be a great way to get them. Make a delicious bright green juice with 100g of kale, a couple of apples, the juice of a lemon, a couple of carrots and a little ginger with 1 tablespoon of Aloe Vera gel. Enjoy the juice cold.

Pre-made juices and gels

If you want to boost your weight loss with an Aloe Vera diet but don't want to mix your own juice, you can buy ready-mixed Aloe Vera juices and drinking gels at Boots, among other places. There are different flavours, so you can get one that best suits your taste.

While an Aloe Vera juice is already blended, a ready-made drinking gel is extracted from the gel of the

Aloe Vera plant. You can either drink it straight or mix it into your morning juice. The recommended dosage is 1 tablespoon 2-3 times a day, about 15 minutes before breakfast or another main meal.

Does Aloe Vera juice have side effects?

To get a good cleansing of the toxins and waste products that build up in your body, you should drink an Aloe Vera juice diet for 7-10 days in a row, so you can cleanse well and see results. But you should also not run an Aloe Vera juice diet for weight loss for more than 10 days in a row. Take a break between your Aloe Vera treatment, as large amounts of Aloe Vera gel over a long period of time can have a laxative effect. Therefore, it is also important that you stick to the recommended dosage of 1 tablespoon of gel 2-3 times a day to get the best out of the treatment.

Other benefits to Aloe Vera gel

As well as Aloe Vera gel helping you to shed those extra pounds by first and foremost giving your body a detox, you also get a vitamin boost for both body and skin as a side benefit. Aloe Vera is a vitamin boost. The gel consists of vitamins A, C, E and several different B vitamins. It is also packed with 20 important minerals, including zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron. Aloe vera also contains 18 of the 22 amino acids, and all of the eight most important types are included in the gel.

The nutrient-rich content of the gel from the Aloe Vera leaves therefore also means that the gel has additional benefits such as:

  • An improved immune system
  • extra protein for muscles and joints
  • Less inflammation in the body

The great immunesystem

A strong immune system is essential for your health. It is your body's defence against disease. So if you often suffer from flu, colds or sore throats, your immune system may need a little help. Aloe Vera gel strengthens the white blood cells, which are the important fighters in your body's defences. You'll have a stronger wall that helps you keep viruses and bacteria out. Aloe Vera is an adaptogenic plant and its gel adapts to the conditions it encounters.

Strong muscles and joints

Aloe Vera gel is high in proteins, which are important for your muscles and ligaments. Proteins are often referred to as the building blocks of the body, so they are obviously important for the strong framework that your muscles and joints form in your body. Body tissues such as muscles and joints are made up of a high proportion of proteins - that's why they are called the building blocks of the body. In this way, Aloe Vera gel gives your body's muscles extra nourishment in the form of proteins, so you strengthen both them and your tendons and ligaments.

Decreased inflammation

Viruses and bacteria can set up inflammation in your body. This can cause a state of inflammation in the body. But inflammation also covers injuries and blows, so it doesn't always have to be a virus or bacteria. Both types of inflammation can show up as swelling, heat and redness.

Aloe Vera gel combats inflammation in the body. This applies both to bacterial attacks in the skin such as pimples as well as overuse injuries and the like.

There are therefore plenty of benefits to using an Aloe Vera treatment. You can both slim your waistline and give your body the best conditions for wellbeing. The way to a healthy exterior is through a healthy interior.

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