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What causes yellow stains under the arms?

Yellow stains under the arms often occur as a combination of sweat and deodorants. When we sweat, our body produces natural oils and salts that can react with the chemical ingredients in deodorants. This reaction can result in the formation of yellow stains on clothing. This is especially prominent when sweat contains impurities and when deodorants contain aluminium compounds.

Aluminium compounds

Aluminium compounds are common ingredients in many deodorants as they help control sweat production. Unfortunately, the compounds can also react with sweat and the skin's natural oils, which can result in yellow stains on clothes. The higher the concentration of aluminium in the deodorant, the higher the risk of staining. Try Aluminium-free deodorant from Australian Bodycare

Detergents and stains

Detergents also play a role in the formation of yellow stains. Some detergents may contain enzymes or colourants that can interact with the chemicals already present in yellow stains. This can worsen the appearance of the stains and make them more visible on clothes. It's important to choose detergents that are gentle on the fabric and don't exacerbate the problem.

Preventing yellow stains

To avoid the formation of yellow underarm stains, it is important to apply deodorant correctly. Avoid using too much deodorant, as excess product can react with sweat and result in stains on clothing. It is recommended to let the deodorant dry completely before getting dressed.

Dryers and heating

High heat from tumble dryers can exacerbate the problem of yellow stains. Heat from tumble dryers can cause the chemical compounds in sweat and deodorant to penetrate deeper into the fabric, which can lead to more visible stains. If possible, avoid using high heat in the tumble dryer and preferably let clothes air dry.

Choice of fabric and colour

Fabric choice and colour can also play a role in minimising visible yellow spots. Darker colours and patterned fabrics can help hide the stains. You may also consider wearing loose-fitting clothing, as this allows more air circulation and can minimise contact between clothing and sweat.

Choice of deodorant

To reduce the risk of yellow stains, consider using deodorants without aluminium compounds. Australian Bodycare offers a Deo Creme and a Deo Spray that are free of aluminium. The products contain natural ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil to control sweat odour, and as they are completely aluminium-free, you minimise the risk of staining your clothes.

Prevention and maintenance of clothing

Hygiene habits

To minimise the risk of yellow stains under your arms, good hygiene habits are important. Wash your armpits thoroughly and use a mild but effective soap. We recommend Australian Bodycare's Tea Tree Oil Body Wash to remove sweat that can react with deodorant and cause staining. Tea Tree Oil Body Wash has natural cleansing properties that can help keep your skin clean and fresh.

Storage and care

Proper storage and care of your clothes can also help prevent yellow stains. Avoid leaving sweaty clothes together in a closed laundry basket for long periods of time, as this can create a moist and bacteria-filled environment that favours stain formation. Hang your clothes up after use and avoid folding them until they are completely dry after washing. 

FAQ on yellow stains under the arms:

How can I prevent yellow underarm stains on my clothes? 

To prevent yellow underarm stains, you can use deodorants without aluminium, avoid over-applying deodorant, choose clothes in dark colours and avoid using tumble dryers on high heat.

Why do some deodorants react with sweat and cause yellow stains? 

Some deodorants contain ingredients like aluminium that can react with sweat and clothing materials, resulting in yellow stains.

Can I remove pre-existing yellow stains from my clothes?

Yes, there are various home remedies and stain removers that can help remove yellow stains. Use a mild soap or stain remover, but test it on a less visible area of the garment first to avoid exacerbating the problem.

Which clothing materials are most prone to developing yellow stains? 

Materials such as cotton, linen and some synthetics can be more susceptible to staining. However, by choosing clothes made from other materials or following the tips in this guide, you can minimise the risk.

Are there aluminium-free deodorants that can help prevent yellow stains? 

Yes, there are aluminium-free deodorants available on the market, including Australian Bodycare's Deo cream and Deo spray. They can help reduce the risk of yellow stains while providing protection against bad odours.

When should I seek professional help for my yellow stains? 

If your stains are persistent, heavily discoloured or do not respond to home treatment, you may want to seek professional advice from a clothing expert or dry cleaner who can offer specialised stain removal help.

Can I avoid yellow spots by changing my diet or lifestyle? 

While diet and lifestyle don't necessarily cause yellow stains, a healthy lifestyle and proper hygiene can help reduce sweat production, thereby minimising the risk of staining.

Is it possible to remove yellow stains from all types of clothing? 

Stain removal can vary depending on the garment material and the type of stain. Some stains can be more difficult to remove from certain fabrics and materials, so it's recommended to test stain removers on a less visible area first.

Are there natural remedies that can help remove yellow stains? 

Yes, there are natural remedies like lemon juice, baking soda and vinegar that can help remove yellow stains. Remember to test them on a small area first to avoid damaging your clothes.

Can cleaning your armpits regularly help prevent yellow stains? 

Yes, proper hygiene, including washing your armpits with soap, such as Australian Bodycare's Body Wash, can rinse away bacteria and sweat build-up and help minimise the risk of staining.

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