Blogger guide

As a blogger and influencer, when you mention the products you receive from us, it is a form of advertising. It is therefore very important that you adhere to the rules that apply when discussing the products.

According to section 6, paragraph 4, of the Marketing Act, the trader must clearly state the commercial intent of any commercial practice, including advertising.

This guide applies to all social media posts, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and YouTube.

It must be clear that it is advertising

The beginning of your text MUST be clearly marked with one of the following statements.

  • “Advertising”
  • “Advertisement”

The following is NOT enough:

  • Advertising tags at the bottom of a post or among hashtags.
  • Unclear words like “sponsored” or “ad”.
  • Marked as a gift from XXXX.
  • Name of company.
  • @product
  • #Product

Remember that even if you receive an offer to buy goods at a lower price, instead of receiving them for free in return for using it daily according to detailed instructions, this is advertising. It should still be highlighted as shown above when posting on social media with the item.