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FEMIGEL® Natural gel for maintaining intimate comfort of external female genitalia, if suffering from dryness, itching, irritation or unwanted odour of intimate parts.

FEMIGEL® contains 4-Terpineol corresponding to 2.7% Tea Tree Oil concentration. 4-Terpineol is distilled from Tea Tree Oil, to remove allergens and irritants.

FEMIGEL® is specially designed for easy application and helps in situations of increased dryness, itching, irritation and discomfort in intimate areas, which may occur in dinerent periods of a woman’s life. Although these conditions are very common during menopause, they can also be experienced in connection with stress, use of antibiotics or irritant reactions to soaps and creams. If not treated, it can turn into a more serious problem. It is therefore important to ensure there are correct moisture and pH–levels in order to maintain a healthy micro flora. FEMIGEL ® provides long-lasting intimate moisturisation.

FEMIGEL ® is recommended for use if symptoms such as burning, itching, dryness and other unpleasant sensations are experienced. It should be used as a prevention before and after visiting swimming pools, saunas and fitness centres.

DOSAGE: For mild symptoms apply one tube every three days, for more severe conditions apply once or twice a day and continue until the symptoms have cleared. It is recommended to use FEMIGEL ® from time to time to assist and maintain healthy flora.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Apply FEMIGEL ® directly from the tube. Before you remove the cap, grip the tube by the thick end and shake down like a thermometer to ensure the contents are at the thin end.

PRECAUTIONS: If allergic reactions occur, cease use immediately.

It is recommended to stop use during menstruation and continue again after menstruation has finished.

The package contains 5 tubes. Each tube contains 5 ml of gel. Each tube is for a single use only.

Keep out of reach of children. Store at 5-25 °C. Retain outer packaging during use.

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