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Even if you take care of yourself and your skin regularly and properly, it can still happen that you get a pimple from time to time.

In most cases, pimples are hormonal. However, pimples can also be caused by improper cleansing or other factors. In most cases, however, a pimple is caused by bacteria spreading on the skin. However, when a pimple is already visibly formed, people often tend to want to squeeze it out right away. But beware!

Experts advise against squeezing out pimples yourself. This is mainly because there are a lot of bacteria on our hands. By squeezing them, these bacteria would then get into the open wound, which can lead to skin irritations. Working uncleanly can cause further inflammation or even scarring.

However, if you want to do it yourself, you have to pay attention to a few things. We will explain to you how to correctly squeeze pimples in just a few steps. We also give you helpful advice on how to avoid pimples in the future. With the right products, you can prevent pimples before they appear. However, if you suffer from severe acne, you should consult a dermatologist.

Squeeze pimples correctly - in just 5 simple steps

First of all, you should wait until the pimple has reached maturity. That is, when you can already see the "whiteness" of the pimple. However, if a pimple has encapsulated itself deep under the skin, you should leave it alone. In this case, you first have to wait and see whether the pimple comes to the surface of the skin or not. This usually happens after 2 to 3 days.

If the problem persists and the pimple does not become visible, you should definitely not press on it. Usually, the inflammation will heal on its own.

However, if you want to squeeze blackheads or a pimple whose white spot is already visible, you can do the following:

1) Preparation of the skin

First place a warm, damp flannel on the area where the pimple is located. This opens the pores in the skin, making it easier to squeeze. Wait 1 to 2 minutes before removing the flannel.

2) Good hygiene

Before squeezing a pimple, it is important to ensure proper hygiene. Wash your hands and face thoroughly before you get to work. For optimal facial cleansing, we recommend Face Wash. This face wash gel cleanses the skin of dirt and bacteria and prepares it ideally.

3) Disinfect the area

Before squeezing, thoroughly disinfect the pimple and the skin around it. If you do not have any cosmetic wipes at hand, you should also disinfect your hands before you start squeezing the pimple. Disinfect the pimple with an anti-pimple stick.

The Spot Stick is suitable for this purpose. The effective anti-pimple stick contains natural active ingredients that close the pores. This prevents bacteria and dirt from penetrating the skin.

4) Squeezing out the pimple

Then press gently against the pimple with both index fingers facing each other. Be careful not to press too close to the pimple. Rotate your index fingers to gently squeeze the pimple from all sides. If the pimple is ripe, it will give with gentle pressure. If you cannot squeeze the pimple, it is not ripe enough. In this case, you should wait at least one more day so as not to aggravate the inflammation.

5) Aftercare

When the pimple is squeezed out, you can apply the Spot Stick to the spot again. The anti-pimple stick helps heal the pimple and prevents it from reappearing. If a crust forms later, don't use it! This is the natural healing process of your skin. If you scratch the crust, it can lead to scarring and further inflammation.

Prevention of pimples on the face

In most cases, the appearance of pimples can be avoided through a daily skin care routine. So, to avoid pimples in the future, it's important to cleanse and care for your skin on a daily basis. With the right products and just a few minutes a day, you'll have cleaner, healthier skin in no time.

The following routine will help you get clearer skin:

1) Wash your face - morning and evening

For daily facial care, you should first wash your face in the morning and evening. If you wear make-up, it is important to remove it. Never go to bed with make-up on, as this can lead to an outbreak of acne. In general, make sure you use the right products.

We recommend Face Wash. The face wash gel is easy to use and cleanses your skin effectively. Thanks to the tea tree oil it contains, dirt and bacteria are gently removed. Wash your hands thoroughly before cleansing your face.

2) Use a toner after cleansing

For a deep cleansing of your face, we recommend the Face Tonic Facial Toner. This antiseptic facial cleanser is especially suitable for acne-prone skin. The tea tree oil thoroughly cleanses the pores, while coconut oil and glycerine moisturise and nourish the skin. The toner is especially helpful for impure, oily or dry skin. You can apply the toner directly after the face wash.

3) Applying a face cream

After thoroughly cleansing your face, you should use a face cream to prevent your skin from drying out. Our Face Cream can be used both as a day and night cream.

The Face Cream has an antiseptic effect and is therefore very effective against pimples and blemished skin. When used daily, it helps prevent blackheads and pimples on the face.

4) Use an anti-pimple roll-on

If you are already prone to pimples, we recommend the Spot Stick. It can be applied after cleansing the face. The Spot Stick is an instant remedy for pimples and blackheads and can help immensely at the first signs of a pimple. Thanks to the natural tea tree oil, bacteria are killed, which can prevent the pimple from growing. This way, the pimple disappears all by itself.

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5) Use a face mask

For blemished skin and blackheads, it is recommended to use our Face Mask 2-3 times a week. The face mask was specially developed for pimples and impure skin and is suitable for all skin types. The Anti Pimple Mask is enriched with natural Australian tea tree oil and is very suitable for the care of acne-prone skin. Thanks to the gentle facial scrub with sandalwood nut shells, the skin becomes soft and supple. The face mask rounds off the perfect skin care routine.

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