Wrinkles – how to prevent them and minimise them

Last updated: 28/11/2022

Wrinkles are a natural part of life, and everyone gets them sooner or later. Even though there is no miraculous way to avoid them, you can take action to make them less visible. 

Read this article, which tells you how you can reduce wrinkles on your face.

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Read by Anne Thestrup Meimbresse

Anne, Varde Pharmacy
Anne has a MSc in Pharmacy from the University of Southern Denmark and has worked as a pharmacist at the Varde pharmacy for several years. Here she advises both costumers and doctors about the correct use of medical products.

What are wrinkles, and why do people get them?

Wrinkles will appear on your face as you grow older. Small folds form because the skin becomes thinner with age and loses some of its elasticity. Levels of moisture and oil in the skin decrease, too, which can lead to dryness and more wrinkles. 

They can appear as fine lines or as deeper furrows in the skin. 

Everyone develops wrinkles sooner or later – some more than others – and it seems that those with lighter skins are more likely to get wrinkles. They are a normal and harmless part of the aging process, and appear to a greater or lesser extent, depending on your skin type and genes.  

Factors such as smoking and sunbathing may also play a part in the appearance of more wrinkles. 

Where do wrinkles typically appear?

Have you discovered that your worry lines stand out more? Or are there more crinkly lines appearing round your eyes? 

Wrinkles can appear in many places on the face, but it is very normal for the deepest wrinkles to appear on the forehead and throat, while they are finer around the eyes and mouth. That is why the fine lines normally appear first – from around the mid-20s – and the deeper wrinkles form later.

Wrinkles around the mouth and eyes form because you use the underlying muscles a lot. Over time, it does not unfold again so easily, and the wrinkles become permanent. 

How can I minimise wrinkles? 

The best advice when it comes to avoiding wrinkles is to take good care of your skin. This is by far the most effective way to keep it looking fresh and youthful

Because less moisture is produced in the skin as you get older, it is important to give it lots of moisture. 

With Australian Bodycare’s Anti-Age pack you have a specially tailored set to give older skin the very best care. It contains a face cleanser, Aloe Vera Anti Age Serum and face cream, which work together to smooth wrinkles and prevent dehydration on your face, so that your skin stays healthy for longer.  

Skin care set for wrinkles and dehydrated skin

3 Anti Age products for dry skin: Face Wash, Aloe Vera Serum and Face Cream

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3 steps for more youthful skin

The face cream is enriched with Tea Tree Oil and is an ideal product for your daily skin-care routine. It removes bacteria and dirt from the skin surface gently and effectively. Tea Tree Oil can also soothe itching if your skin is very dry. 

Aloe Vera Anti Age Serum is full of Aloe Vera, which is extremely moisturising – and is therefore good for older skin. The serum also contains vitamins C, E and F, which together give a fine glow, and help to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. 

Face Cream forms a protective, moisturising layer on your skin day and night. It is an effective anti-wrinkle cream that keeps your skin supple and strong, minimising dryness and wrinkles. 

How to use the products: 

  • Start by removing all makeup 
  • Then cleanse your skin with face cleanser 
  • Massage your face, neck and chest before you wash the cleanser off
  • Apply a few drops of Aloe Vera Anti Age Serum and spread it carefully 
  • Finish with a small amount of face cream

Besides our Anti-Age pack, we have put together a pack for those with young skin, to prevent wrinkles and a pack for mature skin

Skin care set for wrinkles and dehydrated skin

3 Anti Age products for dry skin: Face Wash, Aloe Vera Serum and Face Cream

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Cosmetic treatments for wrinkles

If you are very determined to get rid of wrinkles, you can choose between various cosmetic treatments. 

These include laser treatment, Botox or fillers. Although the methods are different, they all have the same purpose: to minimise wrinkles. 

Laser treatment heats up your skin with a CO2 laser, and renews the upper layer of the skin. Botox, in the other hand, is injected under the skin, and paralyses the muscles, which has a smoothing effect. Fillers are a form of gel, which is injected to fill up wrinkles, to even them out. 

Most cosmetic treatments must be repeated at regular intervals to maintain the effect, and there may be side effects in varying degrees. 

Can wrinkles be prevented?

With regard to preventing wrinkles, you can come a long way with general advice about lifestyle. 

Because wrinkles form gradually over many years, it may be difficult to remember to prevent them. However, if you remember to take care of your skin all your life, it will pay off in the long term. 

You cannot avoid wrinkles, but if you want to keep them to a minimum, make sure you care for your skin every day, and follow this advice. 

1) Eat a healthy diet and get some exercise. 

A healthy lifestyle not just good for your general health, but also for having fewer wrinkles. That means avoiding sugar, eating lots of vegetables, and preferably drinking up to two litres of water a day. 

2) Don’t smoke

It is well known that smoking plays a part when wrinkles appear. This applies especially to wrinkles around the mouth. Smoking causes damage to the tiny blood vessels in the skin, which can cause more wrinkles.  

3) Take care in the sun

Just like smoking, the sun’s rays are harmful to your skin, and can contribute to wrinkles. Remember to avoid the sun between midday and 3 pm, and always use a sun screen with a high protective factor. Use sun cream on your face in winter too. 


What works against wrinkles?

Wrinkles come naturally, and you cannot stop them appearing. However, you can do a lot with good, moisturising skin care. And then remember that smoking and the sun’s rays can cause extra wrinkles. 

Why do people get wrinkles?

As you grow older, your skin becomes thinner and less elastic. That can cause both fine lines and deeper wrinkles. How many wrinkles you develop will depend on your genes and your general lifestyle. 

When do people get wrinkles?

It is normal for the small, fine lines to appear in the mid-20s, but most people will not notice any definite changes until they are around 40. By 60, the skin has lost a lot of its springiness, and there will be wrinkles over most of the face. 

How can I avoid wrinkles?

You cannot avoid wrinkles, as they develop naturally in your skin. However, if you care for your skin and give it lots of moisture, and at the same time avoid smoking and sunbathing, you can keep the appearance of wrinkles to a minimum. 

Skin care set for wrinkles and dehydrated skin

3 Anti Age products for dry skin: Face Wash, Aloe Vera Serum and Face Cream

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