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What is lubricant?

A good lubricant, or “lube” is a cream that’s developed to minimise resistance and dryness when it comes to intercourse.

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Three different types of lube for intercourse

There are three types of lube, which all have different qualities suitable for different situations:

Water based lube dissolves in water and can therefore be rinsed off with water. The cream is easily absorbed by the skin. If you are using a condom, we recommend that you use a water based lube, as other type of lubes can cause the condom to erupt. The water based lube increases the elasticity and longevity of the condom. Water based lube can also be purchased with flavour, e.g. strawberry flavoured, or with a warming effect.

Silicon based lube won’t be absorbed by the skin and is therefore more long-lasting that the water based one. Be aware that all silicon-based lubes are appropriate to use with a condom – some types can dissolve the rubber and break the condom.

Oil based lube will not dissolve in water, which also means it cannot be removed with water. It’s not absorbed as easily by the skin as water-based lubricant. The oil based lubricant can also dissolve rubber, which doesn’t make it an ideal option when using a condom. Oil based lube can be based on many different kinds of oil, eg almond oil, sunflower oil or Australian Tea Tree Oil.

Organic lube – If you prefer organic products, you can easily find an organic lube. You can look for it in your local health store.

Other types of lube

There are also Lubes, which are mixed products, e.g. water and silicon.

Besides the different types of lubes, a good quality cooking oil, like almond oil, can often also be used for skin care, as shave oil, for scalp problems or even as a lube.

Why do you use lube?

Lubricant is developed with the purpose of minimising friction, that occurs during intercourse – both vaginal and anal. Many people don’t see this friction as a problem, but for others, lubricant can be of great help.

Vaginal dryness

For women, who struggle with vaginal dryness, intercourse can be both uncomfortable and painful. Vaginal dryness typically occurs due to hormonal changes and is often experienced by women, who are going through menopause, after a pregnancy or potentially due to stress.

Lube for vaginal dryness can often be used due to problems with dryness. This lube can also be used in hospitals when doctors are required to install a catheter. In this case the aim is also to minimise friction and the discomfort, that comes with the procedure.


Many women struggle with itchy, uncomfortable vaginal thrush. The fungus infection can occur after intercourse. This can occur whether you struggle with dryness or not.

Many women struggle with itchy, uncomfortable thrush. Thrush often occurs because sperm has a different pH-value than the vagina.

Many women also experience that they have an increase in vaginal discharge after intercourse, and that the vagina sometimes develops a fishy smell. This could come from a bacteria from the man’s penis. These are all uncomfortable things, but luckily not dangerous. However, if you think you have Thrush or a bacterial infection, it should be treated.

Everyone knows that preventing a problem before it occurs, is easier and better than trying to heal an existing one. If you are having problems with smell and unusual discharge after intercourse, a lube, which counteracts bacteria – and which also can be used when you have thrush, could be the answer to your problems.

Gel for itch, burn and irritation

Many women experience itch, burn and irritation after sex, something that can be quite uncomfortable. If sex is the reason behind the problems, it can be helpful to use a gel that counteracts vaginal dryness and intimate discomfort. Australian Bodycare has developed a gel, which contains Tea Tree Oil. Intim Glide is dermatologically tested and can help towards dryness and intimate discomfort, as well as giving the people involved a sensual, enjoyable experience.

Intim Glide from Australian Bodycare is a light, smooth sensual gel. It contains natural Tea Tree Oil, which can help with problems like itch, dryness and irritation, which many women experience during and after sex.  

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Lube for pregnant women

A lot of discomfort and symptoms can come with a pregnancy. That’s something, most women, who have been pregnant can agree with. One of the most common problems is vaginal dryness. Dryness can occur both during pregnancy and after birth. It can be an  uncomfortable problem to deal with amongst everything else that is going on.

Use lube during intercourse

Do you experience dryness related to sex, a lube can often be helpful. The lube is perfectly safe to use during pregnancy. You can use the lube, all the way through your pregnancy as well as after birth. It won’t harm you or the baby, however, we still recommend that you ask a doctor before using lube when pregnant.

It might favor you to choose a mild, water-based, paraben free lube, so that you can be sure it won’t irritate your mucous membrane. If you also wish to protect yourself from itch and irritation, you can choose a lube which counteracts bacteria and prevents dryness and irritation. This can for example be found in a lube with Tea Tree Oil.

Does lube help towards vaginal dryness?

The main purpose of a lube is to minimize friction and discomfort during sex. Friction increases – and is more painful – when you are suffering from vaginal dryness. This can lead to your sexual experience being more painful than enjoyable. Do if you are struggling with vaginal dryness, a good lube can definitely benefit you. Read more below.

Vaginal dryness: symptoms, causes and treatment

Symptoms for vaginal dryness is typically itch, irritation and a burning sensation and pain and/or a tendency to bleed during sex. Dryness in the vagina is usually due to a lack of hormones, which affect the mucous membrane, so that it gets thinner, less elastic and more vulnerable. Vaginal dryness more often affects women going through menopause, pregnancy or breastfeeding. In some cases the dryness can also occur due to smoking, eating disorders or radiation/chemo therapy.

Vaginal dryness can be treated with oestrogen; through tablets or cream. Speak with your doctor about the problem, so that you’ll receive the right treatment. Avoid using soap, except from intimate soap with the right pH levels, for your intimate care. Don’t listen to old myths about applying yoghurt, vinegar or other food products to your private parts. It won’t help and might even worsen the problem.

A lubricant will not completely remove the problem, but can be helpful in providing extra moisture and glide during intercourse. Something that your doctor also would recommend that you use.

Intim glide from Australian Bodycare is a gel that contains Tea Tree Oil, which provides extra moisture during sex and therefore helps with vaginal dryness. Tea Tree Oil is known for counteracting bacteria and preventing skin itch and irritation.

Does the lube help towards vaginal thrush?

Vaginal thrush is a condition, which many women experience during their life. For many woman vaginal thrush is an ongoing, re-returning problem.

Vaginal thrush: symptoms, causes and treatment

The classic symptoms of vaginal thrush is an itching/burning sensation, pain when urinating, change in discharge and pain during intercourse. It’s a very uncomfortable condition to be in.

Vaginal thrush is caused by an infection of the yeast fungus Candida Albicans. If the natural balance in the intimate zone is disturbed, the fungus will be able to grow and cause an infection with a lot of irritating symptoms. One of the most common causes of thrush is hormonal changes during pregnancy. Many also experience thrush associated with sex. However, penicillin treatment, diabetes and a weakened immune system can also aid the fungus in growing.

Thrush is medically treated with vaginal suppositories and cream, and potentially pill-treatment. If its your first time, experiencing symptoms for thrush, you can visit your doctor to get a confirmation that it is, in fact, thrush you are dealing with. If you experience the symptoms again, you can go straight to the pharmacy and get your treatment without waisting any time.

Gel towards dryness and itch

Many women exerience itch and irritation after intercourse. Others may experience a fishy smell from the vagina, and a smelly discharge after sex. This can be caused by bacteria from the man’s penis.

Intim Glide from Australian Bodycare with Tea Tree Oil, is effective against itch and irritation, as well as providing a lot of needed moisture during the sexual act. Tea Tree Oil is well known for counter acting bacteria and preventing itch and irritation in the skin.

Products with Tea Tree Oil contain 100% natural actives. Are you suffering from itch and irritation? Trying a gel with Tea Tree Oil might be a good idea.

Where can you buy lube?

Lube can be bought at pharmacies and in numerous stores or web shops. You can always ask employees for advice, when looking for the right lube for you. That way you can be sure to bring the right lube home.

Do you suffer from itch and irritation during intercourse, and therefore wish to try Intim Glide With Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare, you can easily request it at the pharmacy or look in our web shop.

Water based lube to prevent vaginal dryness
Natural intimate gel to stop irritation before, during and after sex
+15.000 reviews
Regular price £9.99
Sale price £9.99 Regular price
Water based lube to prevent vaginal dryness - Natural intimate gel to stop irritation before, during and after sex

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