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What Does Vaginal Soreness Feel Like?

If you are feeling sore inside your vagina, you should always take it seriously. It’s your body’s signal that something is wrong, whether it’s just an irritation in the genital area or an infection.

In general, women can tell when they have vaginal soreness just from the symptoms. The area around the vaginal opening, which includes the vagina itself, the labia and outer lips, will feel warm, with burning sensations and great discomfort.

Soreness in the vagina is an uncomfortable ailment that should be remedied as soon as possible.

Causes of Vaginal Soreness

There are many reasons why you may feel vaginal soreness. Some causes require medical attention, while others can be treated with remedies at home.

When you feel soreness in your vagina, it may be a symptom of an infection. For example, a fungal infection may be causing widespread soreness and intense itching. Vaginal fungal infections can also result in increased volumes of discharge of a cottage cheese-like consistency.

Another cause may be a bacterial infection, such as gonorrhoea or chlamydia. These diseases often cause pain and discomfort when urinating too.

However, vaginal soreness is most often just a symptom of dryness and irritation in the genital area – which can be caused by many different things.

Vaginal Soreness During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women experience a burning sensation in the vagina during pregnancy. Some feel a mild or weak burn, while others experience intense burning sensations.

You may experience vaginal soreness during your first pregnancy, while your second and third pregnancies pass without any vaginal soreness at all.

Experiencing pain and soreness in the vagina during pregnancy is normal. It may be due, for example, to the mucous membranes becoming extra dry and weak because of the changing hormone levels during pregnancy.

Therefore, there is no reason to worry about you or your child’s health, even though it’s an unpleasant feeling. It can also make intercourse a painful experience with occasional bleeding from the sores in the dry mucous membranes.

If your mucous membranes are not dry and the vagina is not red and irritated, the soreness may be caused by a fungal infection in the vagina. The risk of developing a fungal infection in the vagina is 3 times higher for pregnant women due to increased hormone production.

If you feel sick or unwell when pregnant, you should always contact your doctor for advice and guidance.

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What Is Vaginal Irritation?

Elbows, knees, heels and ankles are often dry and irritated. But dry, irritated skin can occur anywhere on the body – including your genitals. Dry skin is prone to itches and sores, which can lead to great discomfort and burning sensations.

Intimate irritation occurs when the area in and around the vagina is dry. When a girl hits puberty, her ovaries start producing oestrogen. They won’t stop producing it until the woman reaches menopause. Oestrogen production causes the mucous membrane of the vagina to moisten, and that’s why most women experience at least some discharge.

Discharge is both a natural way for the vagina to cleanse itself and a natural lubricant for sex.

Soreness in The Vagina After Intercourse

Sometimes the vagina doesn’t create discharge, which causes an unpleasant dryness. The dryness causes soreness, which is especially prevalent during intercourse when there’s plenty of friction against the skin. Soreness and dryness in the vagina is not a pleasant experience, and it leaves you particularly vulnerable to getting small cuts and sores.

Furthermore, dryness in the vagina can also be bothersome when carrying out ordinary, everyday tasks. Everyday soreness can affect women from all age groups but it’s particularly common in women who’ve passed menopause.

Women who are taking contraceptive pills or other medicines may also experience dry, irritated and burning sensations in the vagina.

Keep reading this guide to discover how to treat vaginal soreness.

Treatment for Itching, Burning and Soreness in The Vagina

Irritation and dryness in the genital area can, in most cases, be cured completely with the right treatment. The treatments don’t always require strong medicinal drugs, as some symptoms can be cured with simple, good care at home.

For example, try Australian Bodycare’s Femigel, which is a gel designed to remedy the dryness, soreness and irritation of the external genitals. In just a short period of time, the gel restores the natural moisture, so itching, irritation and dryness will soon disappear.

Femigel is a hormone-free, water-based gel rich in the active ingredient tea tree oil, which is known for its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The sensitive intimate areas are particularly vulnerable to bacterial infections, which can cause them to become dry and irritated. By using the gel, you protect and moisturise the skin.

How often you should use Femigel depends on your symptoms. For slight stinging and dryness, it’s enough to just use the gel once every three days. For severe cases, you can apply the gel to your intimate areas twice daily. Make sure to wash the opening of the vagina gently with an intimate soap before applying the gel.

You don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals – Femigel is dermatologically and gynecologically tested, and it’s completely free of parabens.

Therefore, the natural ingredients are completely safe to use on a daily basis, even on the senstive skin at the vaginal opening.

What Do Our Clinical Results Suggest?

Femigel has been thoroughly tested in a 4-week clinical study. Following the study, 9 out of 10 women told us that the gel completely removed all itching and soreness. The results were as follows:

  • 100% of women said Femigel eliminated itching.
  • 94% of women said Femigel eliminated dryness.
  • 94% of women said Femigel eliminated irritation.
  • 88% of women said Femigel eliminated unwanted odours.

The vast majority of women who participated in the trial eradicated all itchiness, dryness and irritation. But, as a bonus, Femigel also remedied their unwanted vaginal odours. Many women are embarrassed by strong smells coming from the vaginal opening.

All women have a mild smell from the vagina – it’s completely natural. However, if the smell becomes too powerful and pungent, it’s can be a source of great frustration.

For optimal prevention and treatment of soreness in the vagina, it’s a good idea to supplement Femigel alongside Femi daily and regular use of our intim wash. The Femi daily and intim wash are an intimate cream and soap, which also effectively treat burning sensations in the vagina.

The combination of the two products keeps the skin healthy and strong, helping you to maintain natural moisture levels and counteracting unwanted bacteria.

If you have trouble with vagina dryness, the gel is a good product to use, but you can also remedy the dryness yourself by doing Kegel exercises daily or having a regular sex life. By doing this, you increase blood circulation within your genitals, so the mucous membranes in the vagina become stronger and stay moistened.

Vaginal Soreness Results in a Diminished Sex Drive

A dry and sore vagina after sex doesn’t just hurt; it can also diminish your sex life. It’s perfectly understandable that your sex drive will be reduced if sex becomes associated with pain instead of pleasure. Sex should not hurt.

Nevertheless, this is the case for many women of all ages – and this often causes frustration.

First and foremost, it’s important that you have a long and thorough foreplay session. This applies to all women, especially if you already struggle with dryness in the vagina. It takes time for the vagina to get sufficiently wet, so it’s crucial that you and your partner take your time.

If you don’t, sex can end quickly with pain, scratches and occasionally bleeding from the vaginal opening.

If you are not moist enough, you can easily get help from Intimate Glide. This gel gives you plenty of moisture, so pain turns into pleasure. Intimate Glide is water based and contains antibacterial properties from tea tree oil – thus you are well protected from soreness and irritation that many women experience during sex. It relieves and soothes the vagina, so irritation and burning are significantly reduced.

When sex is more pleasurable, you’ll get your sex drive back again.

3 product kit for intimate care and hygiene
To prevent vaginal dryness, genital itching, vaginal smell or other intimate discomfort
+15.000 reviews
Regular price £29.99
Sale price £29.99 Regular price £36.99
3 product kit for intimate care and hygiene - To prevent vaginal dryness, genital itching, vaginal smell or other intimate discomfort

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