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Problem-solving Skin Care – Based on Natural Assets

  • Scalp Care
    Scalp Care
  • Face Care
    Face Care
  • Intimate Care
    Intimate Care
  • Body Care
    Body Care
  • Hair Loss
    Hair Loss
  • Tea Tree Oil
    Tea Tree Oil
  • Intimate Shave
    Intimate Shave
  • Stretch Marks / Orange Peel Skin
    Stretch Marks / Orange Peel Skin
  • Foot Care
    Foot Care
  • Men’s Shaving
    Men’s Shaving
  • Hand Care
    Hand Care
  • Lice
  • Face Serum
    Face Serum
  • Mouth Care
    Mouth Care
  • Professional Series
    Professional Series
  • Package Deals
    Package Deals
  • Tea Tree Oil Leaf

    100% Natural

    Discover the secret to radiant skin, Tea Tree Oil from Australia's rich flora, a treasure passed down by aboriginals. Sourced from the Melaleuca Alternifolia tree, our products boast the purest, pharmaceutical-grade Tea Tree Oil.

  • Tea Tree Oil Drop


    Harness the might of Tea Tree Oil for immaculate skin and hair. Celebrated for its unparalleled antibacterial and antifungal prowess, it balances the skin's bacterial flora. Every Australian Bodycare product is infused with the right concentration of Pure Tea Tree Oil for optimum results.

  • Tea Tree Oil Maintain


    Embrace daily care with Tea Tree Oil to combat skin issues and promote healthy skin. Engineered to curb unwanted bacterial and fungal growth, our dermatologically-tested formulations prioritize potent results without compromising skin safety.

  • Happy customer posing with our scalp products

    Sofia -

    I'm so pleased with these hair products from Australian Bodycare! The products included for the scalp truly deliver on their promise. My scalp finally stopped itching. I'm very thankful for them.

  • Happy customer posing with our mouth products

    Sara -

    Good oral hygiene is very important to me, so I take care of my teeth and mouth/tongue twice a day to prevent issues with plaque, cavities, teeth, gums, and tongue. I use all of Australian Bodycare's oral care products.

  • Happy customer posing with our scalp & face products

    Maria -

    I'm obsessed with Australian Bodycare products. My favorites are their shampoo, shower gel, and toner. I always love trying out new products.

  • Happy customer posing with our body scrub

    Emma -

    I've used the entire body range as I had many issues with blemishes on my chest. Two weeks later, they had almost vanished. The body range helps me manage my 'breakouts' much better.

  • Happy customer posing with our intim shave product

    Matilde -

    These are definitely the best products I've tried in this area. The intimate wash, intimate shave, and the intimate balm that's applied afterward are all so refreshingly pleasant. And there was no sign of redness or irritation afterward. The three products together are extremely effective, and I can only recommend them.