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Why Do Red Bumps Appear After Shaving?

Red spots, razor bumps, ingrown hairs, these are some of the problems that can occur after shaving. In this article we are going to focus on the red bumps you may have, also known as razor bumps. These bumps ruin the appearance of smooth well-cared for skin.

The small red buds are a prelude to possible infections and ingrown hairs; they appear when the pores and hair follicles are open and infected with a bacterium. The bacteria that penetrate the hair follicle are called Staphylococcus aureus which is why you can experience red bumps on the surface of your skin after shaving.

The red bumps warn you that your skin requires soothing treatment and preventative methods next time you shave.

Where Do Red Razor Bumps Appear – And What Do They Feel Like?

The small red bumps can appear anywhere on your body where you have shaved. This applies to your underarms, legs, bikini area and face. Any area where you shave the hair can be prone to razor bumps.

For men, it is typically the face and throat that are prone to skin irritation, while women often experience it on the legs and intimate areas.

If the red bumps appear it is important that you give both your skin and hair follicles soothing treatment while the hairs slowly grow back. The red shaving bumps are often accompanied by itching that can further develop into a red rash, therefore, it is important to ensure your skin is treated and the symptoms soothed.

If you don’t you risk aggravating the condition that, in severe cases, can develop into blisters on and under your skin – which are very painful.

How to Get Rid of Red Razor Bumps After Shaving

The best way to avoid the annoying and itchy red bumps is simply to prevent them by preparing your skin before shaving. With the right shaving method and gentle shaving skin products you can completely avoid the red bumps.

Your skin must be softened with warm water before you begin shaving any part of the face or body. This opens your pores and makes your skin is ready for a close and comfortable shave. If you apply cold water to your skin the pores will close and your shave will not be close or easy on your skin.

Preventing Red Razor Bumps: Shaving Advice for Women

Many women regularly remove unwanted body hair – some for practical reasons and some to appear more feminine and attractive. But that appearance is easily ruined when red razor bumps pop up on your legs and bikini line.

These bumps often leave you wanting to cover up your skin, which may completely defeat the purpose of shaving in the first place, right? You are not alone. Fortunately, you can remedy this problem if you give your skin the right treatment before, during and after you shave.

When shaving around intimate area, it is important to proceed with extra care. Incorporate Australian Bodycare’s products for intimate shaving in your shaving process to avoid irritated skin and prevent red bumps from developing. Use our effective products and follow these simple steps to defeat the red bumps.

  1. Have a long soak in the bath or shower to warm the skin well before shaving. This softens both skin and hair. Wash the area that you want to shave with Australian Bodycare Intim Wash. It counteracts bacteria that can later infect your hair follicles and cause the red bumps.
  2. Trim your hair with scissors or a trimmer before shaving if necessary. This makes it easier to get a smooth and close shave.
  3. Apply an oil or Australian Intim Shave Gel formulated from natural ingredients in the intimate area. Apply generously and let it soak into your skin for a moment.
  4. Use a sharp and clean razor blade, and always shave in the same direction that the hair falls naturally, so you do not confuse and irritate your skin. Between each swipe with the blade, give it a quick rinse in cold water to remove the hairs and gel caught in it.
  5. Rinse off all residual gel or oil so it doesn’t linger and irritate the skin.
  6. Finish your shave by gently rubbing the Australian Bodycare Intim Balm on the skin to provide nutrition and moisturise.

You can follow the same procedure for your legs for a beautiful and smooth shave. You should use a fresh razor for your legs, so you don’t move bacteria around your body. A fresh razor combined with antibacterial products from Australian Bodycare will effectively counteracts the bacteria that would otherwise infect the hair follicles and cause red razor bumps.

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Preventing Razor Bumps on Your Face: Shaving Advice for Men

Most men will regularly shave their face to look well-groomed and presentable and for a successful shave without causing red bumps, it is crucial you give your skin the proper care before and after using the razor. By providing the best conditions for a close successful shave, you will be completely free of the red bumps afterwards.

Try this three-step treatment process to protect your face against the red bumps after shaving. The process requires three different products that you use at different stages while shaving to avoid the bacteria that cause the bumps.

  1. Start by lathering with warm water using Australian Bodycare Face Wash on your neck and face. Before Shave prepares your skin for shaving by cleansing it of bacteria and ensuring it’s soft and wet. Dry skin is one of the biggest culprits when it comes to razor bumps. It may also be advantageous to exfoliate your skin with a face mask before using the soothing Face Wash. This raises the hair up and away from the skin making it easier to achieve a close shave.
  2. Once your skin has been thoroughly washed moisturise it before applying your Shave Gel. Let the Australian Bodycare Shave Gel sit on your skin for a minute so it can penetrate completely into your skin. The Australian Bodycare Shave Gel is transparent, making it easy for you to see where you are moving the razor on your face. You can now shave carefully and gently following the direction of your hair.
  3. After the last stroke of the razor blade, make sure to thoroughly wash all residue of the products off with warm water. Then apply Australian Bodycare After Shave. The skin is often irritated after shaving, but with the proper care you can soothe and calm it to prevent discomfort.

All products in this complete package for the treatment of red razor bumps contain the natural ingredient Tea Tree Oil. The nutritious properties from Tea Tree Oil add a protective layer for your skin, while effectively counteracting the bacteria that infect your pores and hair follicles.

How to Treat Red Bumps After Shaving

The most important and effective treatment for red razor bumps and ingrown hairs is to take preventative methods before, during and after shaving. But if the damage has already occurred and you need to deal with it is crucial that you treat your skin carefully. The small red bumps are a kind of small wound therefore, they will take time to heal.

The healing process typically lasts 3-4 days. During that period do not shave the area again – it will just cause more damage and hurt. Keep your skin moisturised with an intimate balm or after shave lotion that is antibacterial and won’t irritate the skin further.

Also make sure that neither your underwear or trousers are too tight if you have the red bumps on your bikini line or legs. Tight clothing will increase the skin irritation – wear cotton underwear and loose trousers that will give the skin space to breathe.

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Intimate shaving set against razor burn and shaving rash
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Sale price £29.99 Regular price £33.99
Intimate shaving set against razor burn and shaving rash - 3 products for the prevention of irritation, razor bumps and ingrown hair after intimate shaving

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